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Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear a news report about a food recall or some type of contamination impacting the food we eat. Yet food-borne illness and harmful bacteria from improperly handled food are largely preventable if those handling, processing and preparing it are appropriately trained in food safety standards and regulations.
Green Day Cafe is committed to Food Safety. Each of our restaurant Team Members are certified on Local and National Levels. In fact, we have Nationally certified Prometric Food Safety Instructors on staff. 
Our Team Members are trained in house using Health Department approved training systems and our Managers are Trained using the most rigorous curriculum from Prometric.
Prometric’s Certified Professional Food Manager (CPFM) Program – an ANSI- accredited, nationally-accepted and Conference for Food Protection-recognized training and certification program for any person or business operating in the food service industry.
At Green Day Cafe, we believe that the risks associated with contamination and food born illnesses can easily be prevented by following 5 Basic Steps.



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